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Dental Zirconlith

        (ZirconLITH Dental is a federal trademark owned by IAS Corp)

 zirconlith printer dental

zirconlith printing dental teeth

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Announcing A USA & Saudi Arabia Collaboration

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Born from our line of scientific high resolution high particle loading 3D SLA printers, The ZirconLITHTM Dental creates accurate green parts from multiple types of resin based materials including:


                Zirconium, Titanium, Porcelain, Copper

Ceramic, Iron, Yttrium, and More.. even simulated lunar regolith!


We custom design and build our machines in the USA using the very finest aircraft aluminum materials and CAD/FEA assisted designs to make a frame geometrically stable to 1 micron square, even after shipping. More tolerant to temperature changes in your lab and very repeatable from build to build. Easy to use.


Powerful software allows fine manipulation of the parts. Large build area. Custom Dental VAT has an integrated mixer / pump system which provides continuous material flow to the build area.  In addition it can be sealed to enable the use of displacement gases to increase part yields as well as vacuum. VAT can be cycled via autonomous robotic arm.


CE approved with UL pending. 

Version 1.2 Built in conjunction with Saudi Arabian funding

Currently in phase one funding for Version 2.1 extreme high particle loading system.

Let IAS Corp build your next brand labeled custom medical or scientific machine. Our fully equipped facilities (headquartered in Hampton, Virginia) feature the finest in engineering, craftsmen, chemists, technical -for over 26 years now. Learn why Exxon, AkzoNoble, Hinkle, Gardner Denver and my others rely on IAS to fit their custom needs – fast, inexpensive – competent.


We are the original manufacturer for:  DentalithTM,  MC2 and Nano. (Dentalith is a trademark of OWL)

Accept no substitutes – verify claims!


IAS Corp 3D printers have been used to print medical ‘stints’ blood clot retrieval devices, lung tissue support scaffolding and many other medical and scientific specialized components. Our ZirconLITHTM Semi  specializes in creating supports and scaffolding for extremely high heat cycling in photometric emission sources.

 Now showing at AEEDC 2018 UAE/Dubai


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Celebrating 26 Years!